"Your gift will make room for you".
Te'Shayla's painting

"House" by Te'Shayla 6

“SPLASH” is a Young Artist Community Workshop with a dominant arts apprenticeship component. 

The motivation behind SPLASH comes from the ancient Proverb that says: 

“Your gift will make room for you”.

SPLASH creates a safe place housed in a professional studio environment for urban, rural and low-income youth to grow and express themselves through the fine arts.

SPLASH will impact kids of all ages through its open-door art appreciation and enrichment workshops which will serve as a bridge to the apprenticeship program for those displaying an art aptitude and desire for specific instruction and guidance.


  • Nurtures, develops and encourages young artists to use their gifts and talents in pursuit of their dreams of becoming artists through professional training, mentor and apprentice programs, art classes, workshops and activities.
  • Encourages leadership skills, self-presentation and teach entrepreneurship by offering opportunities for youth to experience, demonstrate, display and sell their artwork in the local artisan market place.
  • Promotes youths personal development through constructive mentoring including the promotion of critical thinking, introspection, self discipline, focus, self achievement, leadership skills, peer interaction and positive behavior patterns.
  • Provides exhibition and performance space for community art events and promote the arts in Chattanooga to a diverse audience. 

  • Outreaches to schools, churches, recreation centers and other community gathering places with fine arts enrichment programming.