Romare Bearden's Art     

Have you seen Bearden's art?.



Did you notice the layers and materials used?

The technique that Bearden uses is called
collage. He also uses photo montage.

However in 1963-64 collage was the technique he used the most.


a : an artistic composition made of various materials (as paper, cloth, or wood) glued on a surface

b : a creative work that resembles such a composition in incorporating various materials or elements.

Bearden's process:

"I first put down several rectangles of color some of which…are in the same ratio as…the rectangle that I'm working on.

This sketch is an example of a collage (incorporating some of the style elements of a Romare Bearden) by a Splash artist.

...[Then] I paste a photograph, say, anything just to get me started, maybe a head, at certain—a few—places in the canvas.   I try to move up and across the canvas, always moving up and across. If I tear anything, I tear it up and across. What I am trying to do then is establish a vertical and horizontal control of the canvas. I don't like to get into too many slanting movements...." (Bearden)

The above work is an example of a collage  in the style of  Romare Bearden and is a computer generated collage. 

It incorporates various elements juxtaposed and layered - the elements being pieces of jpeg images and computer generated patterns, fragments and digital paintbrush application.

Though there are no pieces of paper physically glued on or paint physically applied - it nevertheless is still a collage.