"Your gift will make room for you".
Te'Shayla's painting

"House" by Te'Shayla 6


SPLASH provides a safe art-studio environment; creating smarter kids, stronger families and a healthy community through art, culture and enterprise.

High quality art classes gives children the opportunity to discover their strengths.

The social return is kids stay in school and the rate of crime, drug abuse, gang affiliation etc. goes down and families become stronger.

Environment shapes lives. A person's environment determines the outcome of their life. Everyone no matter their color or social economic background deserves beauty, respect and the opportunity to learn in a safe place.

SPLASH creates a different value system; one that is encouraging, beautiful, creative and powerful. When provided with this environment the under-served become world class productive citizens.

SPLASH empowers young people in a way that is very unique through the arts. The ancient proverb “Your gift will make room for you” is our mantra as is the modern “Art makes children powerful “.

Creativity fuels enterprise. Society is driven forward when new ideas become reality. When given the opportunity to dream anyone can create something; a product, a work of art, a business that will change the world.

SPLASH uses art as an engagement technique to get under-served students excited about education while providing them with skills needed for success at school and later in the work place.

SPLASH impacts kids during a critical stage in their development and teaches them that they are valuable and their gifts and creativity is of worth.

The arts appeal to that part of the brain (right brain) where innovation in the spirit of entrepreneurship exists. You unlock creativity you unlock learning, innovation, hope, self esteem, vision and scholarship.

SPLASH uses art as a vehicle to help disadvantaged kids build a better future. The professional artist in the working art studio environment provides youth with a support network that will encourage high school graduation and careers in higher learning.

That which is produced in the studio will support our social enterprises and create revenue to be put back into the school and students.