• Mentor, develop and encourage youth in pursuit of their goals be it educational or career oriented through our apprentice programs, art activities, and workshops. 
  • Encourage leadership skills, self-presentation and entrepreneurship through the provision of real world entrepreneurial opportunities for youth to design, create, and sell artwork in the artisan market place.
  • Promote personal development and mental resilience through constructive mentoring including the promotion of critical thinking, introspection, self discipline, focus, self achievement, leadership skills, peer interaction and positive behavior. 
  • Provide exhibition and performance space for community art events and promote the arts in Chattanooga to under-served audiences. 
  • Outreach to schools, churches, recreation centers and other community gathering places with fine arts enrichment programming for low-income youth and their communities. 
  • Develop and expand the Arts & Literacy component of SPLASH to supplement school instruction and present literacy in a more accessible format.