We are a year-round free youth arts workshop founded by professional artists: Charlie and Iantha Newton; two working artists who have a consuming passion to see young lives changed and are committed to working with some of Tennessee's poorest kids from under served high-crime areas to mitigate some of the "at-risk" factors that negatively impact their lives.

With the help of committed volunteers in the form of teachers and a volunteer board SPLASH is able to carry out its charitable mission to provide free art classes to at-risk kids in chattanooga's low-income communities.

"Encouraging social responsibility in urban youth, SPLASH uses art  as a tool to mentor low-income kids - getting them excited about educational goals through real-world entrepreneurial activities providing them with skills needed for success at school, in their lives and in their futures." 

SPLASH serves some 150 children in the age range of 3-15  in Chattanooga, TN.


1814 Wheeler Avenue

Chattanooga, TN 37406

Tel: (423) 320 6738

email: info@SplashYouthArtsWorkshop.org